I have a need to override the default behavior of the BM25Similarty class.
It was trivial to create the class. My problem is that I cannot load it, at
least via the blob api as described here:

I set enable.runtime.lib=true on my solr startup

I created the .system collection and uploaded a jar containing my class
following the instructions here:

I can see that the blob was created.

I added the runtime lib to my collection, and I can see it in the
configorelay.json file
Finally I added this line to the schema.xml file:
<similarity class="com.sial.similarity.SialBM25Similarity"

uploaded it to Zookeeper and reloaded the collection. only to get this
Could not load conf for core test-catalog-product-170724_shard1_replica1:
Can't load schema schema.xml: Error loading class

What am I missing? Is this plugins api limited to components and request
handlers? If so that's a HUGE limitation, makes it just about useless.
I need it for this similarity and some filter factories, and having a
simple way to deploy code to solrcloud nodes that can be easily automated
would be great.


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