As a toy example, let's assume I have documents that looks like this:

  "id": "1",
  "_childDocuments_": [
        "id": "1_2",
        "_path_": "p.1",
         "size": "M",
         "color": "red"
        "id": "23lk4d23lkj",
        "_path_": "p.2",
         "size": "L",
         "color": "blue"

Is it possible to construct a query that will match a parent doc that has a
child doc that say matches 'size:L' and a DIFFERENT child that matches
'size:M'? Is such a query possible? What would it look like? Or would I need
to implement a custom query parser to do this?

I can currently do this without sub-documents, by indexing those values as
arrays, and creating a custom scorer/collector that collects positions in
addition to docs, but since I am now switching to a version of Solr that has
sub-documents, I was hoping for a better solution that more intuitively
models my data structures. 

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