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Hello ,
          I am attempting to tune my results that I retrieve from solr to boost 
the importance of certain fields. The syntax of the query I am using is as 
follows :
 The issue is that this is not boosting anything in most cases or it isn't being able to find any documents that 
match this criteria. I have used nutch to crawl websites and indexed the data to solr. I see that nutch applies an 
index time boost as well. Could that have something to do with this ? Can anyone look at the format of this query and 
enlighten me of any mistakes that I am making.


- You seem to have two field incorrectly concatenated with an underscore: qf=FIELD1^20.0_FIELD2^0.03 - this should be a space or an encoded space - a large boost of 20 combined with a fractional boost of 0.03 worries me as it implies that one field is 666 times as important as another, are you sure this is the case? - you should turn off *all* the boosts, including the Nutch one, and start again, *gently* applying boosts where you can *prove* they improve relevancy - you should consider using a tool such as Quepid (disclaimer: we resell this, but there's a free trial period you can use) for relevancy tuning based on a set of test cases



FYI : I am using a data driven schema.
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