I have been personally working a lot with the MoreLikeThis and I am close to
contribute a refactor of that module ( to break up the monolithic giant
facade class mostly) .

First of all the MoreLikeThis handler will return the original document (
not scored) + the similar documents(scored).
The original document is not considered by the MoreLikeThis query, so it is
not returned as part of the results of the MLT lucene query, it is just
added to the response in the beginning.

if I remember well, but I am unable to check at the moment, you should be
able to get the original document in the response set ( with max score)
using the More Like This query parser.
Please double check that

Generally speaking at the moment TF-IDF is used under the hood, which means
that sometime the score is not probabilistic.
So a document which has a score 50% of the original doc score, it doesn't
mean it is 50% similar, but for your use case it may be a feasible

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