On 2/9/2018 8:44 AM, Webster Homer wrote:
I look at the latest timestamp on a record in the collection and see that
it is over 24 hours old.

I send a commit to the collection, and then see that the core is now
current, and the segments are fewer. The commit worked

This is the setting in solrconfig.xml
<autoCommit> <maxTime>${solr.autoCommit.maxTime:60000}</maxTime> <
openSearcher>false</openSearcher> </autoCommit>

As recommended, you have openSearcher set to false.

This means that these commits are NEVER going to make changes visible.

Don't go and change openSearcher to true. It is STRONGLY recommended to have openSearcher=false in your autoCommit settings. The reason for this configuration is that it prevents the transaction log from growing out of control. With openSearcher=false, those commits will be very fast. This is because it's opening the searcher that's slow, not the process of writing data to disk.

Here's the recommended reading on the subject:


For change visibility, configure autoSoftCommit, probably with a different interval than you have for autoCommit. I would recommend a longer interval. Or include the commitWithin parameter on at least some of your update requests. Or send explicit commit requests, preferably as soft commits.


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