Hi Birender,
Do you monitor you heap? Is it possible that you are running close to max heap 
size and that GC is what is taking CPU?

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> On 11 Feb 2018, at 19:38, Birender Rawat <birender.ra...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have upgraded Solr4.0 Beta to Solr6.6. The Cache results look Awesome but
> overall the CPU load on solr6.6 is double the load on solr4.0 and hence I
> am not able to roll solr6.6 to 100% of my traffic.
> *Some Key Stats In Performance of Sol6 Vs Solr4*
> Document cache usage increased from .98 from .14
> Query Result cache usage increased from .10 from .24
> Filter cache same as .94
> Field Value cache was 0.99 in solr4 but n/a in solr6 (i guess because field
> multivalued concept was changed from solr4 to solr6)
> *Please Help Note: I have given document cache 3 times memory for
> doc.cache.*

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