Hi Ivan,
You might be able to use complexphrase query parser to get what you need, you 
can test something like this:

{!complexphrase df=my_field}”Leonardo -(da Vinci)”

This should return any Leonardo that is not followed by da Vinci.

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> On 12 Feb 2018, at 12:00, ivan <i...@presstoday.com> wrote:
> What i'm trying to do is to only get results for "Leonardo" when is not
> followed by "da vinci".
> So any result containing "Leonardo" (not followed by "da vinci") is fine
> even if i have "Leonardo da vinci" in the result. I want to filter out only
> the results where i don't have "Leonardo" without "da vinci".
> Examples:
> "Leonardo abc abc abc"   OK
> "Leonardo da vinci abab"  KO
> "Leonardo is the name of Leonardo da Vinci"  OK
> I can't seem to find any way to do that using solr queries. I can't use
> regex (i have a tokenized text field) and any combination of boolean logic
> doesn't seem to work.
> Any help?
> Thanks
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