Hi Emir,

Thanks for confirming that strField is not considered / available for in
place updates. 

As per documentation, it says...

*An atomic update operation is performed using this approach only when the
fields to be updated meet these three conditions:

are non-indexed (indexed="false"), non-stored (stored="false"), single
valued (multiValued="false") numeric docValues (docValues="true") fields;

the _version_ field is also a non-indexed, non-stored single valued
docValues field; and,

copy targets of updated fields, if any, are also non-indexed, non-stored
single valued numeric docValues fields.*

Let's consider I have declared following three fields in the schema

<field name="id" type="string" indexed="true" required="true"/>
<field name='Field1' type="string" stored="true" indexed="true"
<field name='Field2' type="string" stored="true" indexed="true"
<field name='Field3' type="int" stored="false" indexed="false"

With this I am trying to create couple of solr document ( id =1) with only
Field1 and Field2 and it's also indexed. And I could search the documents
based on Field1 and Field2

Now after a while, I am adding a new field called Field3 by passing the id
field ( id=1) and Field3 ( Field3=100 ( which is docvalues field in our case

What will happen now ? Will the complete document gets re indexed or only
Field3 get added under docValues ?

Pls confirm.


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