You are right, in my case this field type was applied to many text fields.
These includes many copy fields and dynamic fields as well. In my case,
only specifying omitNorms=true for field type "text_general" fixed the
issue. I didn't do anything else or had any other bug.

On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 1:01 PM, Alessandro Benedetti <>

> Hi pratik,
> how is it possible that just the norms for a single field were causing such
> a massive index size increment in your case ?
> In your case I think it was for a field type used by multiple fields, but
> it's still suspicious in my opinions,
> norms should be that big.
> If I remember correctly in old versions of Solr before the drop of index
> time boost, norms were containing both an approximation of the length of
> the
> field + index time boost.
> From your mailing list problem you moved from 10 Gb to 300 Gb.
> It can't be just the norms, are you sure you didn't face some bug ?
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