It is not query parser but update request processor, but you can find simple 
buildable Solr plugin on 
<https://github.com/od-bits/solr-multivaluefield-processor>. You can also find 
a related blogpost that has some details how to build, configure and test it: 

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> On 17 Feb 2018, at 23:50, Howe, David <david.h...@auspost.com.au> wrote:
> You will need to use your favourite java tooling to take the code that you 
> have written and package it as a jar file.  In my case, we use maven so I 
> have set my custom extensions up as a maven project, and in my POM file 
> (which tells maven what dependencies your project has), I declare:
>    <dependencies>
>        <dependency>
>            <groupId>org.apache.solr</groupId>
>            <artifactId>solr-core</artifactId>
>            <version>6.4.0</version>
>            <scope>provided</scope>
>        </dependency>
>    <dependencies>
> This puts the Solr core classes on my classpath when I am compiling, but does 
> not package them up when I am building my jar file (scope=provided).
> Once you have written your extension class, running mvn clean install will 
> create your jar file for you.  You then need to copy that jar file into the 
> solr/server/solr/lib directory so that Solr can find it and put it on the 
> classpath.  You should then be able to reference your custom extension in the 
> Solr config.
> See https://maven.apache.org/ for details on maven.
> See https://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/deployment/jar/basicsindex.html 
> for the basics on jar files.
> If you use a tool like IntelliJ or Exclipse, they have maven and jar file 
> support built in.
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