Correction, SOLR-10952 is actually the real case (i misconfigured a test 
previously, pffff).

Well, what's the solution around this problem then? I would assume the cache 
stores the results of a query that was already executed with ExactStats, but 
that doesn't seem to be the case. 

So, what to do?

Many thanks, 

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> From:Markus Jelsma <>
> Sent: Monday 19th February 2018 16:41
> To: Solr-user <>
> Subject: 7.2.1 ExactStatsCache seems no longer functioning
> Hello,
> We're on 7.2.1 and rely on ExactStatsCache to work around the problem of not 
> all nodes sharing the same maxDoc within a shard. But, it doesn't work, 
> anymore!
> I've looked things up in Jira but nothing so far. SOLR-10952 also doesn't 
> cause it because with queryResultCache disabled, document scores don't match 
> up, the ordering of search results is not constant for the same query in 
> consecutive searches. 
> We see this on a local machine, just with default similarity and classic 
> query parser.
> Any hints on what to do now?
> Many thanks,
> Markus

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