I have a requirement where I want to perform the 'contains' match and would
need your help to define the fieldtype and query for this requirement.

Value stored in SOLR:
<arr name="searchTerms">
<str>transfer responsibility</str>
<str>transfer account</str>

Now, I want the above document to be returned for the below keyword when I
search with additional phrases (when it matches the searched keyword
entirely only)
1.) transfer responsibility issues
1.) how to fix transfer responsibility issues 
2.) transfer account issues
3.) troubleshoot transfer account 
4.)how to do transfer responsibility

But should not return when searching for
1.) transfer issues
2.) account issues
3.) how to troubleshoot account 
4.)how to do transfer

Idea is to return the document only when the search word matches the whole
value stored in SOLR but the actual search word might have additional
keyword compared to the value stored in SOLR.

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