On 2/21/2018 3:00 AM, Rehaman wrote:
We installed Ensembl server in our environment and not able to query databases with large number of entries. And for that purpose we need to use indexed databases through Solr search engine.

We have installed Solr search engine (Solr Specification Version: 3.6.1) on Tomcat 7. Able to see Solr main page "Welcome to Solr"  with ensembl shards.

I don't know anything about Ensembl.  But I can comment about Solr.  Version 3.6.1 is nearly six years old, and is four major versions out of date, as version 7.2.1 is the current release.  I can attempt to help, but this version is so old that it's effectively end of life.

When I try to query each shard I am getting error "HTTP status 500" error. I have searched in forum for this and not able to resolve. Please find attached error log.

This is the relevant line from the log that indicates the problem:

Caused by: java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused (Connection refused)

The Solr server is trying to access one of the URL endpoints mentioned in the "shards" parameter.  That connection is being refused.  Which means that either the traffic is being blocked, possibly by a firewall, or the URL endpoint in the shards parameter is not correct.


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