On 2/22/2018 8:53 AM, LOPEZ-CORTES Mariano-ext wrote:
With a 3 nodes cluster each 12GB and a corpus of 5GB (CSV format).

Is it better to disable completely Solr cache ? There is enough RAM for the 
entire index.

The size of the input data will have an effect on how big the index is, but it is not a direct indication of the index size.  The size of the index is more important than the size of the data that you send to Solr to create the index.

You say 12GB ... but is this total system memory, or the max Java heap size for Solr?  What are these two numbers for your servers?

If you go to the admin UI for one of these servers and look at the Overview page for all of the index cores it contains, you will be able to see how many documents and what size each index is on disk.  What are these numbers?  If the numbers are similar for all the servers, then I will only need to see it for one of them.

If the machine is running an OS like Linux that has the gnu top program, then I can see a lot of useful information from that program.  Run "top" (not htop or other variants), press shift-M to sort the list by memory, and grab a screenshot.  This will probably be an image file, so you'll need to find a file sharing site and give us a URL to access the file.  Attachments rarely make it to the mailing list.


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