I am migrating from SOLR 4.10.2 to SOLR 7.1.

All seems to be going well, except for one thing: the score that is coming back 
for the resulting documents is giving different scores.

The core uses a schema. Here's the schema info for the field that i am 
searching on:

<field name="IDX_Company" type="text_general" indexed="true" stored="false" 
multiValued="true" />
<field name="Company" type="string" indexed="true" stored="true"/>
<copyField source="Company" dest="IDX_Company"/>
When searching maxrows=750, fields: *,score

IDX_Company:(cat and scratch)

SOLR 7.1: max score 6.95 and a min of 6.28

SOLR 4.10.2: max score 8.63 and a min of 0.91

IDX_InsuredName:(cat and scratch and fever)

SOLR 7.1 max score of 12.99 and a min of 11.25 SOLR 4.10.2 max 3.97 and min of 

See how the range of values is different (ranges in 7.1 dont go down to 0.x) 
Also notice that the max score doubles when I add one word to the search terms 
in 7.1. Most important, the ranges in 4.10.2 overlap - but the 7.1 dont.

A little more information to show you how I use this information, and why this 
is causing a problem.

I get a company name like "bobs cabinetry" and another "all american tech 

I run two SOLR queries per company name, I'll call them 1-AND, 1-OR, 2-AND, 

IDX_Company:(bobs AND cabinetry) &f=*,score,requestid:"1-AND"
IDX_Company:(bobs OR cabinetry) &f=*,score,requestid:"1-OR"
IDX_Company:(all AND american AND tech AND enterprise) 
IDX_Company:(all OR american OR tech OR enterprise) &f=*,score,requestid:"2-OR"

I combine the results together sort by descending score, and then take the top 
750 rows.(The requestid lets me know which query the results came from)

Because of the changes in the range of scores, the sort pushes all of the all 
american tech enterprise rows to the top of the results (because of no 
overlap), and when the top 750 are taken everything for bobs carpentry is 
removed from the results.

Is there some config setting I can change to make score calculation act like it 
did in 4.10.2?

Or something else?

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