On 3/2/2018 2:15 AM, YELESWARAPU, VENKATA BHAN wrote:
While deploying Solr I just see one parameter where we provide solr_home path.
For ex: -Dsolr.solr.home=/usr/local/clo/ven/solr_home

1)      Is there any path where we can configure data and index directories.
2)      Can we separate data directory from solr_home.
3)      Also, how to enable password protection for solr so that only limited 
people can access.

If you're running SolrCloud, I strongly recommend that you don't try to customize beyond the solr home.  SolrCloud can do a lot more automation than standalone, and doesn't offer any way to customize some things until AFTER you create your collections.  In SolrCloud mode, about the only thing found in each core's directory is the index data -- configs are in ZooKeeper -- so there's generally no reason to customize more.

Even when customizing things, I recommend the absolute minimum amount of customization that will meet your needs.

In each core's instanceDir, which is normally a directory under the solr home, there is a core.properties file.  The "dataDir" property is relative to instanceDir, and defaults to "./data".  The index directory is normally found in dataDir.  It's probably possible to customize the index directory, but I am not immediately familiar with how to do it, and it's not something I would generally worry about -- move dataDir if you need to, but let the index directory live there.  These properties can be set during core creation with the CoreAdmin API.  When in cloud mode, the CoreAdmin API should not be used, which is why I don't recommend a lot of customization for SolrCloud mode.

More customization is possible, but like I said above, I recommend using a minimum, and the options I've mentioned will handle most of what people want, without making it very difficult to understand where things are.

Basic authentication in SolrCloud mode has been available since version 5.3.  Since version 6.5, it is also available in standalone mode.


My thoughts about configuring security:  If you follow recommendations and place Solr in a network location where it cannot be reached except by trusted applications and trusted admins (enforced with something like a firewall), you do not need extra security like HTTPS and authentication.


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