On 3/2/2018 6:13 AM, Bernd Fehling wrote:
I would like to poll for the loadbalancer you are using for SolrCloud.

Are you using a loadbalancer for SolrCloud?

If yes, which one (SolrJ, HAProxy, Varnish, Nginx,...) and why?

I use haproxy for Solr -- not SolrCloud.  It is an amazing and FAST piece of software, without the overhead of a full webserver (apache, nginx).  It also has zero cost, which is far more attractive than hardware load balancers, and can do anything I've seen a hardware load balancer do.  With the presence of another piece of software (such as pacemaker) you can even have hardware redundancy for the load balancer.

Most of my clients talking to Solr are Java, so they use HttpSolrClient/HttpSolrServer from SolrJ, connecting to the load balancer.

For SolrCloud, if your clients are Java, you don't need a load balancer, because the client (CloudSolrClient in SolrJ) talks to the entire cluster and dynamically adjusts to changes in clusterstate.


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