So the thing is ... these collections all have very unique schemas and the data 
are unrelated to each other.  And we do a lot of field queries on the content.  
We would not want the data from one collection to ever show up in another 
collection query.  They are used by different audiences and securities as well. 
 We want to keep them separated.  

While it is not required that the urls include the myParentX ... it would be 
consistent with our current implementation that we are upgrading from 4.6 to 
7.2.  this was a very simple task under apache but I cant figure out how to do 
this in solr 7

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Sorry Webster - I meant to make this a new question ... but accidentally sent 
it. You wrote
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solrcloud searches

This should have been its own question.

Solrcloud is different from standalone solr, the configurations live in 
Zookeeper and the index is created under SOLR_HOME. You might want to rethink 
your solution, What problem are you trying to solve with that layout? Would it 
be solved by creating the Parent1 collection with 2 shards?

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We are trying to setup one solr server for several applications each with a 
different collection.  Is there a way to have have 2 collections under one 
folder and the url be something like this:

We organized it like that under the solr folder but the URLs to the collections 
do not include the "myParent1".
This makes the names of my collections more confusing because you can't tell 
what application they belong to.  It wasn’t a problem until we had 2 
collections for one of the apps.

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