On 3/2/2018 12:51 PM, Scott Prentice wrote:
> I made the adjustment to /etc/hosts, and now all's well. This also
> fixed an underlying problem that I hadn't noticed at the time I send
> my query .. that only one Solr server was actually running. Turns out
> that Zookeeper saw them all as and didn't let the other
> instances fully start up.
> These were brand new, fresh, Ubuntu installs. Strange that the
> /etc/hosts isn't set up to handle this.

I know that if you set up a manual IP address during install, and choose
correct hostname/domain values, that Ubuntu/Debian should do the right
thing with regard to /etc/hosts.

But there are situations in which those operating systems will use  I am not aware of what situations those are ... maybe if you
let it use DHCP during install?  I never do that.



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