this is part of the "different replica types" capability, there are
NRT (the only type available prior to 7x), PULL and TLOG which would
have different names. I don't know of any way to switch it off.

As far as moving the data, here's a little known trick: Use the
replication API to issue a fetchindexk, see: As
long as the target cluster can "see" the source cluster via http, this
should work. This is entirely outside SolrCloud and ZooKeeper is not
involved. This would even work with, say, one side being stand-alone
and the other being SolrCloud (not that you want to do that, just
illustrating it's not part of SolrCloud)...

So you'd specify something like:

"core_name" in these cases is what appears in the "cores" dropdown on
the admin UI page. You do not have to shut Solr down at all on either
end to use this, although last I knew the target node would not serve
queries while this was happening.

An alternative is to not hard-code the names in your copy script,
rather look at the information in ZooKeeper for your source and target
information, you could do this by using the CLUSTERSTATUS collections
API call.


On Tue, Mar 6, 2018 at 6:47 AM, Patrick Schemitz <> wrote:
> Hi List,
> so I'm running a bunch of SolrCloud clusters (each cluster is: 8 shards
> on 2 servers, with 4 instances per server, no replicas, i.e. 1 shard per
> instance).
> Building the index afresh takes 15+ hours, so when I have to deploy a new
> index, I build it once, on one cluster, and then copy (scp) over the
> data/<main_index>/index directories (shutting down the Solr instances first).
> I could get Solr 6.5.1 to number the shard/replica directories nicely via
> the createNodeSet and createNodeSet.shuffle options:
> Solr 6.5.1 /var/lib/solr:
> Server node 1:
> instance00/data/main_index_shard1_replica1
> instance01/data/main_index_shard2_replica1
> instance02/data/main_index_shard3_replica1
> instance03/data/main_index_shard4_replica1
> Server node 2:
> instance00/data/main_index_shard5_replica1
> instance01/data/main_index_shard6_replica1
> instance02/data/main_index_shard7_replica1
> instance03/data/main_index_shard8_replica1
> However, while attempting to upgrade to 7.2.1, this numbering has changed:
> Solr 7.2.1 /var/lib/solr:
> Server node 1:
> instance00/data/main_index_shard1_replica_n1
> instance01/data/main_index_shard2_replica_n2
> instance02/data/main_index_shard3_replica_n4
> instance03/data/main_index_shard4_replica_n6
> Server node 2:
> instance00/data/main_index_shard5_replica_n8
> instance01/data/main_index_shard6_replica_n10
> instance02/data/main_index_shard7_replica_n12
> instance03/data/main_index_shard8_replica_n14
> This new numbering breaks my copy script, and furthermode, I'm worried
> as to what happens when the numbering is different among target clusters.
> How can I switch this back to the old numbering scheme?
> Side note: is there a recommended way of doing this? Is the
> backup/restore mechanism suitable for this? The ref guide is kind of terse
> here.
> Thanks in advance,
> Ciao, Patrick

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