Is it possible to run solr in a read-only directory?

I'm running it just fine on a ubuntu server which is accessible only
through SSH tunneling.  At the platform level, this is fine: only
authorized users can access it (via a browser on their machine accessing
a forwarded port). 

The problem is that it's an all-or-nothing situation so everyone who's
authorized access to the platform has, in effect, administrator
privileges on solr.  I understand that authentication is coming, but
that it isn't here yet.  (Or, to add complexity, I had to downgrade from
7.2.1 to 6.4.2 to overcome a new bug concerning indexing of eml files,
and 6.4.2 definitely doesn't have authentication.)

Anyway, what I was wondering is if it might be possible to run solr not
as me (the administrator), but as a user with lesser privileges so that
no one who came through the SSH tunnel could (inadvertently or
otherwise) screw up the indexes.


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