Greetings list,

I had question regarding the spellcheck.reload parameter. I am using the 
IndexBasedSpellChecker which creates it's dictionary based on content from a 
field. I built the spell check (in error) with a field that has stemming and 
other filters associated to it.

Regarding the spellcheck.reload parameter, the guide states "If set to true, 
this parameter reloads the spellchecker. The results depend on the 
implementation of SolrSpellChecker.reload(). In a typical implementation, 
reloading the spellchecker means reloading the dictionary."

My question is, does "reloading the dictionary" mean completely erasing the 
current dictionary and starting from scratch (which is what I want), or does it 
simply reload the dictionary into some form of memory which would include what 
was there before (the stemmed and filtered data based on the initial field)?



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