Hi all,

I'm currently migrating a 4.9.0 solr standalone index to 7.2.1 cloud. In
the schema, I've replaced the old LatLon type with the new
LatLonPointSpatialField type as below

<field name="doc_lat_lon" type="location"/><fieldType name="location"
class="solr.LatLonPointSpatialField" docValues="true"/>

In the 4.9.0 version, we could search based on a single point passed as an
fq parameter ...&fq=doc_lat_lon:"37.77915239,-122.28593847"...

However, that functionality does not seem to work for the new field type,
and I get parsing errors:

Is there still a way to search for a single point in syntax similar to the
old version of solr? Or is the only option to use the geoFilt query parser
with a distance of 0?


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