Hi Dariusz,
It will match but it will not affect the score. If you have a single field 
boosted with 0, score will be 0. You can use debugQuery=true to see how query 
is parsed and see that there is a component even boost is 0.

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> On 13 Mar 2018, at 17:28, Dariusz Wojtas <dwoj...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a question about boosting queries with ^0
> I am using LTR. In the 1st step I want to narrow the query, but limit
> 'noise' results as much as possible. The 1st step is defined as follows:
>    <str name="q">{!edismax qf='keyword_id^10 keyword_nonid^2
> keyword_lastNames^2 keyword_names^1' v=$searchedTerms}</str>
> And I have lots of such boosted fields, but want to narrow them dynamically.
> I may pass boost factors as local params, with ${boostVal}. This part works.
> If I set boost to 0, as in the example below for field 'keyword_id', will
> it execute query on that field or skip it since boost of factor 0 will
> boost the result?
> In short: will it bring performance savings, or not?
>    <str name="q">{!edismax qf='keyword_id^0 keyword_nonid^2
> keyword_lastNames^2 keyword_names^1' v=$searchedTerms}</str>
> Best regards,
> Dariusz Wojtas

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