Hi Walter,
I did this sample processor for the purpose of having doc values on analysed 
field: https://github.com/od-bits/solr-multivaluefield-processor 

(+ related blog: 

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> On 6 Apr 2018, at 23:46, Walter Underwood <wun...@wunderwood.org> wrote:
> Is there an easy way to define an analyzer chain in schema.xml then run it in 
> an update request processor?
> I want to run a chain ending in the minhash token filter, then take those 
> minhashes, convert them to hex, and put them in a string field. I’d like the 
> values stored.
> It seems like this could all work in an update request processor. Grab the 
> text from one field, run it through the chain, format the output tokens and 
> add them to the field for hashes.
> wunder
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