On 4/7/2018 1:54 PM, Elier Delgado wrote:
Thanks Shawn, your query works but the facet counters became inconsistent.

What *exactly* was wrong?  Is it possible that it was working the way it was designed to work, but different than you expected?  If you really think what you're getting is wrong, we'll take your report seriously, but to go anywhere, evidence of a problem will need to be available.

A colleague found that by adding an space between the tag and the field the
query works as expected in any order.
Also, adding the plus sign force to match all conditions. Here is the
working query, just adding space and plus sign in fq parameter.

Can someone help to clarify if this is the expected behavior or it is just
a hack that we have found?

&fq={!tag=DOMAIN} +domains:100 AND {!tag=SPECIALTY} +specialties:(1043 1023)

You've still got the {!tag} localparam twice in one query string.  That's the fundamental problem I was highlighting.  Even if you've found some syntax that makes it function, I don't think it's right.  And the workaround might stop working in a future version, when the feature is improved or a bug gets fixed.


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