Hi all,

I need to implement percolator functionality in SOLR (i.e. get all indexed
docs that are matched to monitored query). How can I do this? 

I found out in Solr TopicStream class. If I understand right, using
TopicStream with DaemonStream will give me percolator functionality, won't
it? (like here  Continuous Pull Streaming

Is it a good idea to use *Continuous Pull Streaming* in production? How many
queries can I monitor in such way? ( I need up to 1000 queries and I have up
to million indexed docs per day)

And one more thing, I debug DaemonStream/TopicStream code and I don't
understand what is the advantage of this over simple loop in which I'll send
queries each X seconds/minutes/hours to SOLR? Will it work faster than
simple loop? If yes, why? Due to filter query on checkpoint version
(*solrParams.add("fq", "{!frange cost=100 incl=false
l="+checkpoint+"}_version_")*)? I'll be happy to understand all advantages
of using DaemonStream/TopicStream.

Thank you.

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