Solr (i.e. Tika) throws a "zip bomb" exception with certain documents we have 
in our Sharepoint system. I have used the tika-app.jar directly to extract the 
document in question and it does _not_ throw an exception and extract the 
contents just fine. So it would seem Solr is doing something different than a 
Tika standalone installation.

After some Googling, I found out that Solr uses its custom HtmlMapper 
(MostlyPassthroughHtmlMapper) which passes through all elements in the HTML 
document to Tika. As Tika limits nested elements to 100, this causes Tika to 
throw an exception: Suspected zip bomb: 100 levels of XML element nesting. This 
is metioned in TIKA-2091 
 The "solution" is to use Tika's default parsing/mapping mechanism but no 
details have been provided on how to configure this at Solr.

I'm hoping some folks here have the knowledge on how to configure Solr to 
effectively by-pass its built in MostlyPassthroughHtmlMapper and use Tika's 

Thank you!

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