hi, all.

we're starting to dive into master/slave replication architecture. we'll
have 1 master w 4 slaves behind it. our app is NRT. if user performs an
action in section A's data they may choose to jump to section B which will
be dependent on having the updates from their action in section A. as such,
we're thinking that the replication time should be set to 1-2s (the chances
of them arriving at section B quickly enough to catch the 2s gap is highly
unlikely at best).

since the replicas will simply be looking for new files it seems like this
would be a lightweight operation even every couple seconds for 4 replicas.
that said, i'm going *entirely* off of assumption at this point and wanted
to check in w you all to see any nuances, gotchas, hidden landmines, etc.
that we should be considering before rolling things out.

thanks for any info!

John Blythe

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