On 4/11/2018 6:46 AM, neotorand wrote:
> with Solrcloud What happens if indexing is partially completed and ensemble 
> goes down.What are the ways to Resume.In one of the scenario i am using 3 ZK 
> Node in ensemble.Lets say i am indexing 5 million data and i have partially 
> indexed the data and ZK ensemble goes down. What should be the best approach 
> for handling such scenario 

If you lose quorum on your ZK ensemble, SolrCloud will go read-only, and
indexing will not be possible.  Solr will remember the last clusterstate
that the ZK database held and will attempt to keep serving queries using
that information.  Whether or not that succeeds will depend on whether
your Solr servers stay operational.

If you restart a Solr server while ZK has no quorum, then I'm not sure
what happens.  It probably doesn't start correctly and may need another
restart after ZK is restored.


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