I am doing configuration of solr with the xml and pdf dataset, it works
perfect. But, I want to modify few things: 
Such as, we can see below, "baseDir" and "filePrefix" is being defined
manually. I want this to be defined on the runtime. Consider that I have GUI
and user is specifying the directories for datasets. So, I have separate
java file that does this job. But, I don't know how to use data of that
class to configure "baseDir" and "filePrefix". Could anyone help me that how
can i access that data from java class and fill in the data-conf.xml.

These are few fields of my data-conf.xml file. 

<entity name="file" processor="FileListEntityProcessor"
                        fileName=".*xml" rootEntity="false" datasource="null"

    <field column="filePath"
    fileSuffix=".pdf" oldFileSuffix=".xml" srcColName="file"/> 

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