Solr experts,

We found following  link
where its mentioned like in 6.2.1 it's faster where as in 6.6 its slower. 

We are also facing same issue...with 6.2.1 in our performance environment
and we 
found that CPU usage is around 60 to 70% where as in 6.5.1 it was always 
more than 95% 

Settings are same and data size and indexing speed remains same. Pls check 
the  JVM snapshot 
when we index using 6.2.1 

Following is the  snapshot 
taken with 6.5.1 

Is there any reason why such a huge difference with CPU usage patterns 
between 6.2.1 and 6.5.1 ? 

Can we do something in 6.5.1 to make it as 6.2.1? Because we don't want to 
downgrade to 6.2.1 from 6.5.1. 

Let us know your thoughts on this. 

Thanks and Regards, 

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