Migrating our system from solr 4.7 to 7.3. Simple default searches are not
working. For our simply searches, we had the following in our schema.xml for


, however for 7.3, "defaultSearchField" apparently no longer a valid type. I
switched to "df". Also, "text" is no longer default data type, but rather
"_text_". So, I replaced above with:


, but still default search not working properly. By the way, when I say "not
working properly"  I am testing this in solr admin by entering various
strings like "car" or "title" or "service" and nothing is returned. However,
when I enter "text:car" or "text:title" or "text:service" data is returned.
I need the default (i.e., not specifier left of colon) to work.

Grateful for any help. thank you

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