On 5/17/2018 7:23 AM, THADC wrote:
, however for 7.3, "defaultSearchField" apparently no longer a valid type. I
switched to "df". Also, "text" is no longer default data type, but rather
"_text_". So, I replaced above with:


, but still default search not working properly. By the way, when I say "not
working properly"  I am testing this in solr admin by entering various
strings like "car" or "title" or "service" and nothing is returned. However,
when I enter "text:car" or "text:title" or "text:service" data is returned.
I need the default (i.e., not specifier left of colon) to work.

The df field should be set to whatever you have left of the colon in the searches that work.  It looks like that is text without the underscores, so that's what you should set df to.

The schema from the default config for 7.3 may populate the field name with the underscores, but apparently the schema that you're actually using isn't populating that field.


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