Hi all,

We recently upgraded from Solr 7.3 to 8.1, and noticed that the maxChars
property on a copy field is no longer functioning as designed. Per the most
recent documentation it looks like there have been no intentional changes
as to the functionality of this property, so I assume this is a bug.

In debugging the issue, it looks like the bug was caused by SOLR-12992. In
DocumentBuilder where the maxChar limit is applied, it first checks if the
value is instanceof String. As of SOLR-12992, string values are now coming
in as ByteArrayUtf8CharSequence (unless they are above a certain size as
defined by JavaBinCodec.MAX_UTF8_SZ), so they are failing the instanceof
String check, and the maxChar truncation is not being applied.

I went to log a bug but figured I would double check on here first just to
confirm that people think that this is actually a bug and I'm not going
crazy. Let me know what you think, and I will log the bug.

I have implemented a fix which I am currently testing and will be happy to
submit a patch, assuming it's agreed that this is not intended behavior.


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