Hello All,

We have an application that translates user queries to Solr syntax (Lucene 
query parser) by using ANTLR.
Lately, we wanted to add support for the user to search term(s) that appear in 
the beginning of the text.
>From answers to similar questions, I understood that SpanFirst might be a good 
Since the user query usually contains features which I'm nut sure are supported 
for this parser e.g. json facets, I thought that instead of translating all 
queries to the xml parser, it would be better to use it only for the Span First.
Is there a way to construct a query that needs two different parsers?
q={!xmlparser}<SpanFirst  fieldName="text_en" end="5"  
q={!edismax}text_en:"foo bar"~4
I've tried using the "magic" "_query_" but it seems that it uses the 
luceneqparser and not the xml.

Thanks in advance,

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