I was wondering if those more up on SolrJ internals could take a look
if there were any serious gotchas with the AppEngine's Java urlfetch
with respect to SolrJ.

"The URL must use the standard ports for HTTP (80) and HTTPS (443).
The port is implied by the scheme, but may also be mentioned in the
URL as long as the port is standard for the scheme (https://...:443/).
An app cannot connect to an arbitrary port of a remote host, nor can
it use a non-standard port for a scheme."

This is an annoyance for those running Solr on non-80/443. To some,
this may be a fatal limitation.

There is a 1M upload/download limit, which would impact large adds to
the index and large results sets back from the index.
There are also other quotas:

Otherwise, my eyes see no other major issues. Others?





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