Am Sonntag 31. Mai 2009 15:52:45 schrieb Bernd Eggink:
> IMHO this method is mainly a progress for those using nvidia most of the
> time, or for those who can't (or don't want to) boot into Windows. The
> double boot could of course be automated, but frankly said, the
> Boot-Windows-For-Three-Seconds method is still faster than a complete
> Linux boot.

Hmm.. I don't have to boot twice. I can switch between Intel and Nvidia the 
same way like using Windows XP. Just switch to preferred mode when laptop is 
poweroff and the selected card works right away (at first boot!).
You only have to boot a second time after your very first boot with acpi_osi 

> Another problem is the missing backlight control for nvidia, or has
> anybody got that working? 

You can adjust brightness of the backlight with "nvclock -S level" (level is a 
value between 15 and 100 or a delta like +10/-10).

> As long as it doesn't work, I prefer
> running nvidia under Windows, and that's why I would be more interested
> in being able to boot from Linux/stamina directly into Windows/speed.

That works on my configuration as well.

Btw, i am using Debian sid based distribution ( with kernel 2.6.29 
on Vaio VGN-Z21ZN.

Greets, Klaus

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