In these days I'm trying to use the kernel 2.6.30 on my Ubuntu Jaunty to
solve some intel-related problems. Now I don't have freezes but:
- the internal microphone is gone (regression with the option
'model=toshiba-s06'...); :(
- the wireless card has some problems with 802.11n networks after the
resume of the laptop; I've actually disabled the 802.11n features of the
- the brightness control in Jaunty now looks strange: the granularity of
the value is augmented (you have to hit many times the brightness
keys... :) ).

I'm still using Eva's module but I'm just wondering if I still need it
with kernel 2.6.30: what are the differences? I'm using the Intel
graphics card. I guess sony module in 2.6.30 can't disable (for power
saving) the nvidia card, but what about the rest? Multimedia keys?


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