Hi first of all thanks for the appelet, i can try to help if i can. I've
found a workaround for charge the applet, it's not the correct way but it
works for now.
What ive done is at the end of the file rfkill-applet.py, in the line:
gnomeapplet.Applet.__gtype__,    "RFKill Switch Applet", "0.1",
i've changed the OAFIID from one of the appelts that i dont use(in my case
i've userd the OAFIID of  tomboy applet)
*  "gnomeapplet.bonobo_factory("OAFIID:TomboyApplet_Factory",
gnomeapplet.Applet.__gtype__,   "RFKill Switch Applet", "0.1",
I dont know exaclty why is not working with the *OAFIID:RkfillApplet_Factory
maybe is not correctly installed or something like that?
Here is some information that may be usefull

*Another thing, could you please attach the file rfkill-applet.png*
Again, thanks for making the applet, and if i can i will help
Best wishes

2009/6/18 Norbert Preining <prein...@logic.at>

> Hi all,
> because I was asking for it several times and didn't find anything here
> is a small applet for whatever WM, written in python/GTk.
> It is *very*much* work in progress, mind that I have never before:
> - programed in python
> - programed an applet
> - used dbus/hal
> - programed pygtk
> But well, one afternoon, several examples from the web, and the plasma
> applet of Eva did help to get even the HAL interface-beast more or less
> tamed.
> Problems:
> - it does not work as applet at the moment, no idea why, maybe someone
>  can help here
> - no configuration can be done
> - sometimes strange error messages because the hso device disappears
>  slowly after disabling sony-wwan, and then HAL ships some errors
> Howto:
> Put the rfkill-applet.py somewhere, and call it
>        python rfkill-applet.py -d
> do NOT forget the -d or it will not start.
> If you want to work on the applet thingy, you have to put the attached
> files as follows:
>        /usr/bin/rfkill-applet.py
>        /usr/lib/bonobo/servers/rfkill-applet.server
> and then restart your gnome session (kde?) and it should be possible to
> select the applet, but loading doesn't work
> If someone wants to help a bit that would be great!!!
> Best wishes
> Norbert
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