Bernd Eggink schrieb:
I'm experiencing some problems with wlan under 2.6.30. Very frequently I
have to restart wlan several times until a connection with my FritzBox is established, even if I'm only 1 m away from the box. The command 'iwconfig wlan0' shows link qualities of the form 64/70, while under kernel it's always 98/100 or so (I don't know what the divisor means, but I guess it should normally be 100). And sometimes I get connections with a ridiculous bit rate of 1 Mb/s.

Meanwhile I fiddled a bit with the kernel parameters and managed to improve things a lot. I think the problem was the (involuntary) activation of WIRELESS_OLD_REGULATORY (Networking support / Wireless / Old wireless static regulatory definitions). After setting it to "no", Wlan connections happen fast and reliable again, although they still don't survive suspend-to-RAM, as they did in 2.6.29. Link quality is also much better now.


Bernd Eggink

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