Support for /dev/rfkill (as found in 2.6.31-rc kernels).

        THe rfkill applet will first try to use /dev/rfkill (see README
        for adjusting rw permissions to that device using udev), and if
        that fails will fall back do HAL/DBUS access.

        The advantage of /dev/rfkill is that no periodic polling is 
        necessary, the poll will block until a change is there. 
        Furthermore, full support for independent hard and soft on and off
        is only possible in /dev/rfkill.

        For HAL/DBUS: no specification of haroff and softoff value
        possible anymore in the config file, that is a value fixed in 
        the kernel.

So please update your config file.

I expect several problems with that, although I have the applet wiht
/dev/rfkill access mode running without any problems since quite some time.

Mind, that there is a new file (rfkillclient.py) that has to be installed
where python searches modules.

All the best


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