Alexandre Kaspar wrote (on Sep 4, 2009):
 > Hi,
 > on my Vaio z11-mn, it does.
 > I didn't directly succeed with making double-finger scroll happen  
 > since the w value was always to 0 whereas sinclient -l had a  
 > doublefinger minw to 7 ... which I had to correct to 0 to make  
 > double-finger scroll working.
 > The french thread about it was at :
 > Alexandre Kaspar
 > Raphael Gradenwitz <> a écrit :
 > > Hello Anthony,
 > >
 > > On my (ubuntu Karmic@) z21-mn_b with AlpsPS/2 ALPS GlidePoint-device it
 > > doesn't give the information about pressure as presupposed in that
 > > mini-how-to you linked to - touching with two fingers the pressure value
 > > does not increase - so playing with values around 80, 85 or whatever you
 > > want will not bring the result needed for emulating two finger mode in
 > > that way..
 > > I guess you will have to take an other device with a different chip-set
 > > or glide-sensor..

I second Raphael's experience.  Mine is a VGN-Z570AN, Ubuntu Jaunty,
and whether I use one or two fingers, synclient reports 40 - with
occasional seemingly random variations.

Actually, I am not especially keen on two-finger scroll, I can manage
by setting aside a side strip for scrolling.  However, I really
miss an easy middle button; on another notebook's synaptic touchpad I
configured two finger tap to behave as middle button.  Looks like this
is impossible with an Alps.

It was a real turn off when I found out that such an expensive
notebook had a second rate touchpad.

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