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Am Freitag, den 02.10.2009, 00:09 +0200 schrieb Raphael Gradenwitz:
> ....
> I saw that there are different outputs from lspci on different models,
> so I had to change the init-scripts a little bit for autodiscovery. [1]
> Finally i wrote a script called:
>         /etc/X11/switch-x-to {intel|nvidia|load-nvidia-settings} [2]
> that must be invoked with one of the three arguments between the "{ }".
> the first two arguments are self explanatory, the last one I use to load
> my nVidia Settings as I manage them in the settings-Manager from nVidia:
>         sudo apt-get install nvidia-settings
> that makes a complicated xorg.conf file unnecessary but one have first
> to run the nvidia-settings manager and setup a rc-file, save the
> settings you want to restore on reboot and enter the path to that
> rc-file in the top of the 'switch-x-to'-script.
> Now I invoke this scripts with the Upstart mechanism with the
> file /etc/init/gdm.conf...

I have changed this procedure again a little bit because after an
upstart or gdm upgrade those changes could/(should) be overwritten.
I now defined two upstart jobs. Those will not be overwritten.

The exact changes I made and some other stuff is noted here:


(Yes, I know, the server was down yesterday)


> [1] = wiki-page explaining everything for newbies
> [2] = switch-x-to script
> [1] http://global-social.net/tiki-view_blog.php?blogId=3
> [2] http://global-social.net/files/switch-x-to 

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