Hi Raphael,

On Do, 15 Okt 2009, Raphael Gradenwitz wrote:
> to auto-build the kernel module 'sony-laptop-zseries-0.9np2' (or
> successor) one can (should) use dkms.

Aehm yes ...

> Here my solution step by step:
> http://global-social.net/tiki-blog_post.php#sony-laptop_module_installation

Please log in is what I see ...

> * - could you please provide the dkms.conf in future versions?

If you write it? I have never used dkms and not having any idea what it
actually does. I compile my modules per hand.

> * - I made some changes to the Makefile:
>     1.)  the uninstall target did not "depmod -a"
>     2.)  between this lines:
> KDIR := /lib/modules/$(shell uname -r)
> PWD  := $(shell pwd)
>           added:

Done that, also I don't understand what it is for ..
I also compiled *before* rebooting without any problem, just
        # in kernel dir
        make install
        make modules_install
        # in sony laptop module
        make KDIR=/lib/modules/2.6.32-rc4
        make install KDIR=...

> to enable build in advance (directly after kernel upgrade before reboot)

See above ... that works fine.

> Second:
> =======
> After an upgrade from the packages "xserver-xorg-core" and or
> "libgl1-mesa-glx", the new libs won't be installed as usual after the
> nvidia driver was installed.

I am still thinking about writing a Debian package that makes diversions 
etc and does all that automatically ...

Thanks for the script 

> There is an update for the upstart script /etc/init/switch-x-to.conf

Never used, Debian is not using upstart.

Best wishes


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