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Am Samstag, den 17.10.2009, 06:19 +0200 schrieb Norbert Preining:
> I have added some lines to README.np
> http://gitorious.org/sony-laptop-zseries/sony-laptop-zseries/blobs/master/README.np
> could you review that and add some notes that might be helpful, thanks!

I use to be a "subversionist" ;-) git is still a bit
"need-to-get-used-to" (gewöhnungsbedürftig) to me but I'll learn the
main steps for diff, merge, commit etc. soon (I'm doing that just now)
The wiki is nice there but the link to the mailing-list is wrong:
Since it is a http-(no email-) -link the @ sign causes the browser to
try to login with user-name 'sony-vaio-z-series' at
http://lists.launchpad.net which in fact does not exist.
please change that Link in https://launchpad.net/~sony-vaio-z-series
or https://lists.launchpad.net/sony-vaio-z-series
or https://lists.launchpad.net/sony-vaio-z-series/threads.html
(your choice ;-) )

I will further maintain my How-To wiki on
since that is one of my own self-made, self-coded servers (in a xen
cluster connected to my storage-network here at home) and I like to have
everything near by me like my mail-servers and subversion repos and
asterisk pbx-server etc. are. (Nobody from no government or company at
all will look at any logfile produced on any of my servers without my
In other words, you can link to the there contained descriptions,
how-tos and files, it wil not be removed that fast.
When I find some more time, I will certainly bring in some more effort
in that gitorious site (wiki and code).

by the way,

I made updates/changes to the scripts:

/etc/X11/switch-x-to           Last changes: 17.10.2009 17:37:

        it now creates only a symlink /etc/X11/xorg.conf pointing to the
        corresponding target (for intel or nvidia). The advantage is,
        that if one make some changes to the xorg.conf with e.g.
        nvidia-settings, those will be persistant. If you don't like
        that, please make a backup from the xorg.conf.nvidia you want to
        Better debug-log mechanism. Trace-logs now will be dumped
        in /var/log/sony-laptop-zseries/

/etc/X11/update-gl             Last changes: 17.10.2009 03:41:

        Dramaticaly changed and enhanced update and checking mechanism
        with human readable echo-output about what's going on (with
        argument -v or --verbose). The script now can be used at any
        time, it will guarantee that the required libGL and libglx are
        on the right place and always up to date.
        It can dump traces as well (argument -x or --debug)
        It uses apt-get, so you will need to be connected to the
        internet if your apt-sources are not local.

You can simply _update_ these two scripts with this two lines (in a

for a in switch-x-to update-gl; do
wget -O "/etc/X11/$a" "http://global-social.net/files/$a";; done

These scripts are updatet/maintained too:

/etc/init/switch-x-to.conf     Last changes: 15.10.2009 03:41
/etc/init/nvidia-settings.conf Last changes: 17.10.2009 17:51

You can simply _update_ these two scripts with this two lines (in a

for b in switch-x-to.conf nvidia-settings.conf; do
wget -O "/etc/init/$b" "http://global-social.net/files/$b";; done

If you want to know more, please go to 

Disclaimer: WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY etc..!

That's it just for the moment,


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