Kosovo Albanian suspect in Delalić murder
30 June 2007 | 12:24 | Source: Beta
*SARAJEVO -- Lirim Bytyqi, 29, native of Prizren, Kosovo, is suspected 
of murdering 
a Bosnian crime boss in Sarajevo Wednesday.

* Police issued a warrant for Bytyqi's arrest. He is also wanted on 
charges of inflicting severe gunshot wounds on Amir Faća, 36, in 
downtown Sarajevo on June 12.

“In the investigation carried out in cooperation with the Sarajevo 
District Prosecution, we come across information regarding who the 
possible murderers of Ramiz Delalić are, and identified Bytyqi as our 
suspect, along with another person whose identity we have not yet 
confirmed,” Sarajevo police said in a statement.

Delalić was best known to the public for killing a Serbian man in front 
of a Serbian Orthodox Church in Sarajevo in 1992.

He was not indicted for the crime until late 2004. Police were unable to 
locate him since  2002, as he was reportedly hiding in Turkey, but he 
was placed under arrest in Sarajevo on August 28, 2004.

Delalić had a history of violent behavior and was known for numerous 
problems with the law. His criminal record numbers tens of criminal 

Delalić was the commander of the 9th Motorized Brigade of the Bosnian 
Muslim Army during the 1990s war.

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