> > >> Log Message:
> > >> Fix file lists for amd64 and sparc64 since on these arches 32bit 
> > >> versions of
> > >> the libraries are built as well.
> > > 
> > > did you get mips64*, too?
> > 
> > No.  That are the ad.mips64xx files, right?  Why are there two them?
> > For both endianesses of the CPU?
> Probably just because we don't have a proper environment variable
> for both mips64eb and mips64el.
> (${MACHINE_CPU} for mips64e? is "mips", not "mips64")
> > Does mips64 install in /usr/lib and /usr/lib/64 ?
> According to this message
>  http://mail-index.netbsd.org/port-mips/2009/08/21/msg000142.html
> mips64 has three ABI libs, as src/compat/README says:
> >> This
> >> allows 32-bit libraries for the amd64 and sparc64 ports, and enables
> >> the mips64 port to support all three of old-style 32-bit ("o32"), the
> >> new 32-bit (default, "n32", 64-bit CPU required) or the 64-bit ABI.
> /usr/lib is for N32 (which is the default on NetBSD/mips64?),
> /usr/lib/64 is for N64 (for true 64bit environment?), and
> /usr/lib/o32 is for O32 (which is for traditional NetBSD/mips binaries?),
> I think. (probably we should note it in README?)

this is all correct.  thanks!

you can see why both myself and agc@ have worked on ways to
generate these lists, rather than maintain them by hand!
lucky for me, al's method seems to be (a) better and (b)
done and mostly working :-)


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