On Mon, Sep 05, 2011 at 09:57:02AM +0000, Alan Barrett wrote:
> Module Name:  src
> Committed By: apb
> Date:         Mon Sep  5 09:57:02 UTC 2011
> Modified Files:
>       src/etc/mtree: Makefile
> Log Message:
> Use ${.OBJDIR}/NetBSD.dist.tmp instead of just NetBSD.dist.tmp.
> This fixes a problem in which NetBSD.dist.tmp had been created in
> the SRCDIR by an earlier build (performed without an OBJDIR), and
> the existence of the file in the SRCDIR confused a subsequent build
> (performed with an OBJDIR).

Do we really want to add special cases like this? There are all kinds of
mysterious errors triggered by unclean SRCDIR, I don't think it is worth
adding this specific hack.


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