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matthew green  <> wrote:
>> Added Files:
>>      src/usr.sbin/mdsetimage: bin.h bin_bfd.c bin_nlist.c
>bin_bfd.c is the bfd aka GPL client.  that individual source
>belongs in src/external/gpl3.
>i understand that the version we install is bfd free, but the
>tools version is not, and thus the viral aspect of this becomes
>murky.  i'd rather we kept the whole thing in gpl3 subdir so
>that it's clear these sources are tainted.

The version we install is not gpl free. The non-gpl version was not
toolified (because it uses our nlist from libc). We could toolify it.

I will move bin_bfd.c to external/gpl3, but it is our source not GPL.
It does not contain GPL code and it is useless standalone.


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